Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Inscription of the press

For the comrades that already are in Caracas or will arrive soon, we are welcoming you to a press point of the World Youth Camp, please join us Wednesday January 18th of 2006 at 10 am in the West Tower, 3rd floor of the Parque Central.

We invite the comrades of the medias interested in participating as press in the World Youth Camp to register at telling us their personal datas, the media with which they are involved, an example of their media work, and their needs during the Camp (...)

We are announcing that right now the Communication Commission has a radio with speakers, press rooms with internet access, audio edition and an internal daily newspaper “El Querrequerre”.

NOTA: We ask the comrades registered as press in the website of the WSF to send us their data to the above mentionned email to help them to have access to the infrastructures of the Camp.

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Way of Access and Caravans

Several national and international airlines travel daily to and from Venezuela. For more information:

Walking, Biking, Driving
From the Andes entering by Cúcuta (Colombia)-San Antonio del Táchira (Venezuela), Río Hacha (Colombia) and Arauca (Colombia). From the South Cone entering by Boa Vista (Brasil)-Santa Elena de Uairén (Venezuela).

From the Eastern Caribbean Islands, entering by Cumaná and La Guaira Venezuela. (...)


The planned caravans will come from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia toward Venezuela. The departure from Peru will be the city of Lima. For more information please contact Jonatan Rupiet al 97067067, Franz 98823489 and Nelly 97155234. The departure from Ecuador will be the city of Quito. For more information: Miguel Guatemales at the numbers. 2444991 and cell. 091912119.

The caravans will arrive in Ipiales Colombia and meet with the caravans coming from the Colombian cities of Cali, Pasto, Bucaramanga and Cúcuta and continue toward San Antonio del Táchira, Venezuela. For any information, please contact Pedro Santana at and Jorge Escobar Bta. 2174549 or 2176247 For the caravan coming from Brazil, please contact Héctor Sales at 96029540 or 36310845 and with

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International relations


The process of getting a visa is free for the World Social Forum. Participants just have to mention that they are participating in the VI World Social Forum Caracas 2006 and the visa will be sent to them. Not all the participants need visas. Please check if your citizenship requires you to get a visa to enter Venezuela. (...)

The people experiencing problems with the visa process can send an urgent email specifying their full name, passport number, country and city of origin at the addresses:, o, and we will send them a personalized invitation letter that will help them with the visa process.

Nota: The Venezuelan government has decided to give the Visa de Cortesía C-18, valid for 30 days to anyone interested in participating in the WSF. They only need to register as delegate or participant on the web page

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New accreditation process

The accreditation of participants, delegates and organizations will be in the Poliedro de Caracas. The payment can be done in any Banco Industrial de Venezuela, account N° 0003-0057-84-0001057454 to the name of “Fundación Jóvenes por Caracas”. Outside the office hours, the payment can be done with the accreditation.


The accreditation will be personalized and will be done only in the Poliedro de Caracas. If it is posible, please send to the Camp email ( the list of the people of your organization that will participate and if their are member of an organization, the name, passport number, country of origin or place in Venezuela where they live. Proposals of political activities accompanied by the technical needs for these events are highly welcomed.

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Communiqué of the Working Groups of Communication

The Venezuelan Organizing Commission wants to officially inform that the organizing process of the VI WSF and II ASF is continuing normally despite the transportation problematic between the Maiquetia airport and the city of Caracas due to the collapse of the no.1 viaduct of the Caracas-La Guaira highway. (...)

The Venezuelan government has set a special plan that includes:

  • a) The habilitation of the old road Caracas-La Guaira with a limited schedule from 5 AM to 9 PM for the exclusive transit of individual vehicules and passengers; and from 10 PM a 4 AM for the transit of heavyload vehicles in one way per day.
  • b) An alternative way from and toward the Airport will also be available through El Junquito y Carayaca. The Maiquetia airport that serves Caracas WILL NOT BE CLOSED.

In any case:

  • c) If it is needed the Charallave airport located at 1 hour of Caracas will be habilitated for land transport.
  • d) From the Maiquatia Simon Bolivar Airport (main Caracas airport) participants can fly to the “Palo Negro” Airport located in the city of Maracay or the “Arturo Michelena” Airport located in the city of Valencia, at respectively 150 KM and 200 KM (aprox), for a transit driving time to Caracas between 1 and 2 hours. Roads with controlled prices have been established from these airports for land transport toward Caracas .

For more information, please write at the following, and consult the website :,

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