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Transportation in Caracas

Caracas being a large city in a valley, the metropolis is experiencing several traffic problems. There is a diversified system of public transport: busetas costing between 600 and 1000 Bs. Cabs and motorbike-cabs with prices negotiated at the moment of the ride. The Metro goes to almost all the neighborhoods of MetroCaracas. It costs 400 Bs, with option of 350 Bs for ride of less than 8 stations and 300 Bs for less than 4 stations. The Metro operates from 5 am to 11 pm. The people registered at the World Social Forum will get a pass for the Metro for the time of the event. They will have to pay their own rides for the time before their registration.

The Transportation Commission of the World Camp presents the Roads of the Forum. Details concerning the roads and costs will be available on this blog when they are known.

Service Roads

These are the roads that will be used for people participating in the World Camp from the arrival terminal in Caracas to the sites of the Forum. The Maiquietía Simón Bolivar airport and the Bus Terminals La Bandera and El Oriente will have welcoming brigades that will offer information about the World Camp to the people arriving. These brigades will divide the incoming persons in different buses, cabs and motorbike-cabs accreditated and to the exclusive use for the World Social Forum at the expense of the different users. The particular bus terminals* existing in the city will also have welcoming teams but without the exclusive transportation. In this case, the normal public transportation will be offered.

* Terminals: Peliexpres, Expreso Occidente, Aero Ejecutivo, Expreso Mérida and Lago Express.

Social Roads

The goal is to show the social initiatives that are currently happening in Venezuela: Barrio Adentro, Mercal, Casas de Alimentación and Education Missions, among others. Tours will be available between January 23rd and 30th of 2006. Fees will be at the expense of the individual users. There will be a translation service.

Socio-Turistic Roads

These are the roads going to other cities and states in Venezuela. They are available for people interested in knowing the diversity of ecosystems and social projects out of the Greater Caracas Area.

The options of roads, types of transportation, housing if needed, with or without food and the description of the turistic features will be made available on this blog further on.

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