Thursday, January 05, 2006


¿Parque del Este or Los Caobos?

The Youth Camp depends on the government position

At the beginning of the project of the Camp, the goal was to occupy the La Carlota airport. At mid-December, the government imposed that the Camp would happen elsewhere. The alternative was Parque del Este. The project goes on, spaces are distributed along the 20 hectares dedicated for the occupation. Thinking in the integration of the World Youth Camp in the daily life of the Park, the right of the caraqueños citizens to use their Park was preserved. As well, a special care was to be made for the areas of zoological diversity. (...)

On January 4th, a call from the Instituto Nacional de Parques (Inparque) decided that they would not allow the youth camp to take place in the Parque del Este, considering the risk at the very fragil ecosystem of the site. They then suggested the Parque Vinicio Adames and the Parque Los Caobos. The former already has the formal authorizacion of Inparque (so will exist as), the latter depends on the authorization of the Mayor of Municipio Libertador Freddy Bernal.

According to Ernesto C. Mercado, General Coordinator of the Youth Camp, the decision also has political motives, a problem that the Forum has been facing since the beginning of its effort.

The last hope to get the Parque del Este stands in a positive answer of the Governator Diosdado Cabello, in a letter that must be handed on Thursday January 5th 2006 in the morning.

Mercado added that if the autorization are not granted this week, the Parque de los Caobos will begin to be occupied with tents on Monday January 9th of 2006. However, he underlines that the instalations of Los Caobos show several logistical, sanitary and infrastructural problems, among others.

The common stand of all the volunteers of the World Youth Camp is that the event will happen between January 23rd and 29th of 2006. All the necessary efforts will be made to reach this objective.

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