Saturday, January 21, 2006

Real Situation

Has the Camp Started?

In this moment, the Vinivio Adames parque still needs work before being ready for the reception of people arriving to participate in the Youth Camp. We are faced with a chaotic reality, and lack of materials and preparation. The four hectares land sanctioned for the camp don’t have even the minimal structure necessary to habitate many people, yet the first youth participants are arriving.

Until now, only signs for meeting points and division posts for the 9m2 tent spaces have been placed. The terrain has been fumigated – with all of the environmental effects that carries – so as to avoid the danger of animal bites. As well, the land has been drained, so as to impede floods in the case of major rain. All of this was directed by the project and logistics coordinator for the camp, María Esther Cabrera (Ingeniera), the local Firefighters and the Health department, who have assured that the ‘control’ and security posts have been installed.

Lacking still are the installations of bathrooms, showers, potable water tanks, and the stalls for the cooperatives that will be providing food. Sofar, transportation is not available to the camp. This is all due to breaks in communication between the work commission of the Youth Camp and the authorities who are supporting the Camp with the necessary resources. The Coordinators have said that requirements were sent, but never arrived at their destinations, motivations for this are still unkown.

Participants for the Vinicio Adames park have already arrived, and set up camp in the space, despite the deficiencies. The main problems are food provisions, potable water, transport and hygene. In sum, the park isn’t ready to be occupied yet. We are hoping that in the next few days things will move ahead, and we’re working to make that happen, with the goal of having all basic installations in place for Saturday, ready to receive 5 thousand tents that will first occupy this park, and then, once full, be located in the other zone, Los Coabos park (one which, at this point, has absolutely no camp infrastructure).

This is a really critical situation, and the support and voluntary collaboration of every individual is fundamental in making the World Youth Camp possible this year. Its important to emphasize that their wont be much in the way of camp commodities, and each must use their imagination to resolve whatever problems arise – putting in action the concept of self determination that will guarunte the quality of the convergence.


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