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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Youth Camp?

The first Youth Camp is in the park “Vinicio Adames” south of Caracas. When the park is full, another one, “Parque Los Caobos” close to Parque Central will be opened.

How do I get to the Poliedro?

A free transportation service is offered to go to the Youth Camp and the Poliedro. The buses leave from the BP gas station in the back of Parque Central (Avenida Lecuna). They first go to the Poliedro, where the accreditation can be realized, and from there to the Youth Camp.

Another possibility to get there is go to the Metro station "El Valle" and take a bus from there to the Poliedro.

How do I get to the Youth Camp?

To get to the Youth Camp in Parque Vinicio Adames head to the Poliedro. From there transportation is offered to the Youth Camp.

How does the accreditation work?

Before going to the Youth Camp you have to go through the accreditadion process. This takes place in the Poliedro where you have to pay the registration fee. The fee has to paid in cash (until Sunday 22nd only in Bolívares, from Monday on also in US Dollars or Euros).

The accreditation for media can be done via eMail. Please send the following data to the eMail address

  • First and last name(s) of journalist or responsible
  • Name of Media
  • City, Country
  • eMail address

I already paid the registration fee in a bank. What do I have to do?

Those who already made their payment through a bank have to turn in their voucher at the accreditation place at the Poliedro.

What are the prices for the accreditation?

The prices for the accreditation for the Youth Camp are:

For venezuelans:

  • Organization: 43.000 Bolívares (The inscription covers all the members of your organization.)
  • Individuals: 5.000 Bolívares
  • Visitors (one day): 5.000 Bolivares

For people from all other countries:

  • Organization: 54.000 Bolívares (includes 5 participants that will receive individual accreditations)
  • Individuals: 5.000 Bolívares
  • Visitors (one day): 5.000 Bolívares

What are the Metro stations?


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How does catering work in the camp?

In the camp co-operatives offer food. The prices are:

  • Breakfast: 8.000 Bolívares
  • Lunch: 12.000 Bolívares
  • Supper: 10.000 Bolivares


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