Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Inscription of the press

For the comrades that already are in Caracas or will arrive soon, we are welcoming you to a press point of the World Youth Camp, please join us Wednesday January 18th of 2006 at 10 am in the West Tower, 3rd floor of the Parque Central.

We invite the comrades of the medias interested in participating as press in the World Youth Camp to register at telling us their personal datas, the media with which they are involved, an example of their media work, and their needs during the Camp (...)

We are announcing that right now the Communication Commission has a radio with speakers, press rooms with internet access, audio edition and an internal daily newspaper “El Querrequerre”.

NOTA: We ask the comrades registered as press in the website of the WSF to send us their data to the above mentionned email to help them to have access to the infrastructures of the Camp.


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