Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Way of Access and Caravans

Several national and international airlines travel daily to and from Venezuela. For more information:

Walking, Biking, Driving
From the Andes entering by Cúcuta (Colombia)-San Antonio del Táchira (Venezuela), Río Hacha (Colombia) and Arauca (Colombia). From the South Cone entering by Boa Vista (Brasil)-Santa Elena de Uairén (Venezuela).

From the Eastern Caribbean Islands, entering by Cumaná and La Guaira Venezuela. (...)


The planned caravans will come from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia toward Venezuela. The departure from Peru will be the city of Lima. For more information please contact Jonatan Rupiet al 97067067, Franz 98823489 and Nelly 97155234. The departure from Ecuador will be the city of Quito. For more information: Miguel Guatemales at the numbers. 2444991 and cell. 091912119.

The caravans will arrive in Ipiales Colombia and meet with the caravans coming from the Colombian cities of Cali, Pasto, Bucaramanga and Cúcuta and continue toward San Antonio del Táchira, Venezuela. For any information, please contact Pedro Santana at and Jorge Escobar Bta. 2174549 or 2176247 For the caravan coming from Brazil, please contact Héctor Sales at 96029540 or 36310845 and with


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